Service and Sponsorship

The AA triangle has 3 sides, designated as Recovery, Service and Unity. Many of us have found that helping others through Service is a great way to stay sober, and an important part of our own program.
There are many forms of service available to AA members; these include:

  • Trusted service commitment at a meeting
  • Sponsorship of another member of AA
  • Intergroup Representative (Central Office Representative, or COR)
  • General Service Representative
  • Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) Member
  • District 22 Convention Committee Member
  • CCCOI Office Volunteer
  • CCCOI Board of Directors
  • CCCOI Manager (Office, Office Volunteers, Call Forwarding)
Volunteers needed for Newsletter Editor, Volunteer Coordinator and Board member for Literature commitment.
Volunteers Wanted.

Alcoholics Anonymous in San Luis Obispo County