TSML TEST 20231007

The Earth’s atmosphere is composed of distinct layers, each with unique characteristics crucial to sustaining life and shaping our climate. Starting from the ground, the troposphere extends approximately 8 to 15 kilometers above sea level, containing the air we breathe and where weather phenomena occur. Above it lies the stratosphere, home to the ozone layer that absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The mesosphere follows, where meteors burn upon entry due to the thick air. Beyond, in the thermosphere, temperatures soar to thousands of degrees Celsius despite the sparse air, and the auroras dance at polar latitudes. Lastly, the exosphere marks the outer boundary, where atmospheric particles are exceedingly rare, gradually merging with the emptiness of outer space. These layers collectively safeguard life on Earth and influence global weather patterns, demonstrating the intricate balance within our planet’s delicate atmospheric composition.

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